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Buy Pocky Online In India

by Karan Dhir on March 12, 2022

In the year 1966 Glico, a Japanese company, introduced into their company a chocolate-covered biscuit stick, Pocky. Based on the Japanese onomatopoeia and popular tradition for the snapping noise made while eating the biscuits sticks covered with chocolate, they called this "Pocky"

Initially, the sticks were manually dipped in chocolate while leaving a certain portion undipped. This handle was utilitarian as it was easy to eat the mouth-watering biscuits sticks smothered in chocolate without dirtying your hands. Over the years this process was automated but its unique signature handle design was unchanged. The packaging is compact which makes it easy to carry and a perfect on the go snack

Each box of Pocky has plenty of sticks to share with everyone; at work, home, with friends or to befriend a stranger on the way home from university or work. Pocky is all about the joy of sharing and it spreads happiness as who can refuse one of these delightful sticks? It goes perfectly with any dessert or ice cream. Leave a mixed bundle in a jar and watch it disappear as people pick out their favorite flavor. There is an incredible array to choose from; chocolate, strawberry, double chocolate, green tea matcha, cookies and cream, coconut and brown sugar, choco banana, watermelon, vanilla with sprinkles.

Each biscuit stick of Pocky is crunchy and its balance with the high-quality creamy milk chocolate is what sets Pocky apart from other products in its category. With Munchbag, now you don't have to travel to Japan to enjoy this snack as we bring it to your home with immaculate care and packaging. Order Pocky on or download the Munchbag app on the google or apple store

Keep munching!!